Hi, I’m Rhiannon! Yes, my parents named me after a Fleetwood Mac song!

A little bit about me: I love road-trips, cooking, listening to music, game nights, Chardonnay, going for long walks, dancing, my family, to do lists, dark chocolate and reading.

But most of all, I love photography.

I love getting to know families and being able to photograph the love and connection they share with each other.  I think it’s so important to document your life, to look back on these memories and remember when you were able to hold your little one in your arms or when she just learned how to walk.  Even to remember when your little guy fell down, scraped his knee, and the only things to make it feel better were hugs and kisses from mama.

Then you will have these photographs, these heirlooms that you hang on your walls, walk past everyday and smile.  Years from now when your children are grown up they will look at these photos and see how loved they were from the very beginning.

My philosophy for photographing your family isn’t to have you stand there and smile at my camera.  Because, well, anyone can do that!  Documenting families interact, play and laugh is what moves me.  I skillfully capture your children smiling, not by telling them to say “cheese” but by playing, joking and being silly.

No matter the session or event, my mission is to make our time together relaxing and enjoyable.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website!  I am so excited to get to meet you and your family 🙂